Wednesday, August 05, 2009

100 paintings Maine Nature Paintings 6&7

#7 of 100 Autumn Marsh Grass Sold

#6 of 100 Island Sunset
8"x10"x.25" Oil on Masonite Panel
View/Purchase Here

This is turning out to be a very challenging project, but I sent out my first mailing yesterday and got my first sale!! This is good :) Now that I am not in treatment for Breast Cancer full time, I can get back to painting and selling my paintings full time. Since I don't qualify for any public assistance without giving away the farm, this sale is very good.


susana said...

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Cheers, Keep it up.
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dyana said...

Beautiful photos
Good post.....
Great blog.....

Thanks for sharing.....
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Jones said...

The color perfection in your painting is very apt and I like your good work.