Monday, November 03, 2008

Surviving Breast Cancer

This picture was taken in October. I look great, all things considered! Alive is good. My hair is finally growing back. Before BC it was long dark brown to the middle of my back, but after surgery and chemotherapy these last 10 months, I'll happily settle for short, pure white fuzz! The problem with breast cancer is that recovery is not like getting over the flu. You don't just stop chemotherapy and are instantly well. I wish that were so, but it's not. Getting back into my studio without health and medical interuptions and distractions, and re-starting my online sales, especially during the recent economic events, is proving very difficult, adding tremendouly to a very precarious and stressful existance. Read my story on my Breast Cancer Journal. Contribute to my Recovery effort, if you can. Any amount is appreciated! Need a gift for someone this holiday season? Check out my website.

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