Thursday, September 04, 2008

Surviving Cancer, Life on an Island

After completing chemotherapy and regaining some of my energy back, one of the first places I wanted to go was out to Monhegan Island. It is just an hour's ferry ride offshore in the Gulf of Maine. There is something about island life that is so peaceful and serene, and so timeless in it's remoteness and isolation.
Cancer scares people, and disclosing that information risks some friends and even some family members pulling away, leaving you alone on your island to cope however you can. Fortunately, there are also those special friends who stick with you to help in any way they can, and groups like the American Cancer Society and it's affiliates who understand and assist with the tangible needs that every cancer patient and survivor has. Like a lighthouse on a long, dark, stormy night guiding you safely to shore, you know you are not alone, and each and every day brings enjoyment and hope for recovery.

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laura said...

Laura, These scenes are gorgeous, so tranquil, beautifully drawn and painted. I have always wanted to paint on Monhegan--it's a dream!
"Your Story" is very touching, and I'm so happy that you've come through the ordeal.