Saturday, October 30, 2010

Maine Holiday Cat Cards

Greet your family and friends with the warmth and comfort this little kitty finds in the center of all the celebratory activities. Trimmed in red with a Happy Holiday greetings inside. 10 cards, 10 envelopes, gift boxed. View/Purchase Here.
Ok, yes, every cat has a story, and there is more to this cat than she's letting on here.
This is my cat, Silvie. She came out of the woods surrounding my house as a feral kitten and was living in my woodpile. It took 3 weeks of coaxing with kibbles just to get her to come out so I could have a look at her!, probably a month before she came up onto the porch, and many months before I felt she was safe to leave alone with my dog. I was afraid she would take my dog's nose off! That was many years ago now. She's mellowed quite a bit, as you can see. Silvie is quite civilized and socialized now, and can be very silly. I don't know how she fit herself into that basket. She doesn't like cameras, but I couldn't resist taking the picture. I think it makes a great Holiday Card. I hope you will agree, and get some to share with the cat lovers among your family and friends this Christmas Season.

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