Thursday, March 11, 2010

Re-join the living...

I haven't shown my work locally much at all, and certainly not these past two years while dealing with surgeons, oncologists, endless monitoring, complications and side-effects from treatment. My last scans did show an area of concern for possible recurrence, and rather than jump right back into more surgery and treatment, I've decided to hold off and re-scan in a couple of months to see if there are any changes. So now it's time, and a couple of opportunities to show in various venues have come up. I've been busy matting and framing watercolors, and wiring canvases for hanging. I've already put some paintings in a cafe in downtown Bangor to be included in the Art Walk this month, and I will exhibit at Morgan Hill Event Center for 2 months starting mid-April. I hope to re-connect with a gallery that has had much success selling my work in the past. And I am also planning some changes and additions to my website which has been my main source of sales for many years. So I will continue my virtual existence being a cyber artist, but will make a few real life local appearances and look forward to meeting those who are interested in my work in person.

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Greenearth said...

Understand where you are at. I am an artist too who has had breast cancer several times and am struggling to get myself back to painting and putting my work out there again.

When I read this blog I immediately understood.