Sunday, October 29, 2006

Maine Painting Figure Study in Acrylic

14"x11" Acrylic NFS
Waiting for the first snow of the season! It can happen any time now. I think I'm ready. Yes, this is a self portrait of sorts, me being in the mid-Autumn of my life. I haven't done much work with the human figure in quite a few years. I'm finding it hard to look at this piece objectively.


Michelle Himes said...

This is beautiful - I love the way the light hits your figure. My sister, who lives in Damariscotta, says that Maine has two seasons - winter and the 4th of July.

I used to follow your work on ebay because I loved your Maine watercolors. I've done a few paintings of Maine myself, on visits and from my photos. I will bookmark your blog and drop in from time to time.


Maine Artist said...

Hello Michelle
Thanks for visiting. I lost my computer in early December to an electrical storm (and very old age!). Bad timing, don't you think. Anyway, I finally am getting my new one set up, and hope to start posting again soon.
How lucky you are to have a sister living in Damariscotta. Great landscapes and coastal scenes there, too!

Laura :)